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Harbour Pointe Wealth Management 's mission is to educate, empower and service our clients – meeting their needs from beginning to end. Our primary expertise is offering a comprehensive 360 degree planning approach that encompasses tax, investment and estate planning and management of each individual’s unique needs.
Karen Scott Mims, Esq
Karen Scott Mims, Esq is Founder and President of Harbour Pointe Wealth Management. As both a Tax/estate planning attorney and  Registered investment Advisor Representative, Accountant/auditor, Karen has over 10 years of experience structuring and managing tax-efficient portfolios for higher net worth individuals. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Law, as well as an Juris Doctorate from the University of Maryland School of Law. Karen is a Registered Investment Advisor Representative and is also a member of the National Ethics Association, you can view her member profile by clicking here.

Her client base includes attorneys, doctors, executives and private industry individuals.  In addition, as a Federal Retirement Benefit Specialist, she devotes a part of her practice to serving the unique financial and retirement planning needs for CSRS, CSRS-Offset and FERS federal government employees. To schedule a time to discuss your financial future, contact us at info@asktaxesq.com or call us at 1.844.4.TAXESQ today!

Introductory Offer
As a special introductory offer for those age 55 and older, Harbour Pointe Wealth Management invites you to attend our workshop "Private Wealth Management at Harbour Pointe" and learn the "Other 7 Things You Need to Know About Retirement" including brochures on social security planning, long term care and elder law planning and mortgage refinancing in retirement.